Wireless Indoor Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor

Wireless Indoor Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor

Indoor Carbon Dioxide Monitor
Monthly Recurring Sensor Fee ($7/month. 1st 3 months free.)
The Indoor Carbon Dioxide Monitor allows you to remotely monitor carbon dioxide levels from anywhere using the internet.

Setup is quick and easy. First, connect your 2.4 GHz Wireless Coordinator (sold separately below) to an existing internet connection and power it up. Then, connect one or more indoor carbon dioxide monitors to a power source. Finally, check your carbon dioxide data on your weblinksensors.com account. Multiple Indoor Carbon Dioxide Monitors can use the same Coordinator, so deploying a network of monitors is simple.


  • Indoor air quality Monitor CO2 levels at your school, office, or residence
  • Occupancy detection Determine whether rooms are occupied by detecting exhaled carbon dioxide from occupants. Applications may include security and demand control ventilation systems
  • Greenhouse CO2 enrichment Remotely monitor CO2 enrichment levels for optimum utility


  • Remotely access your data via the internet.*
  • Deploy a network of monitors throughout a building. Up to 20 monitors can connect to each coordinator.
  • Install monitors in rooms without wired network access. Monitors must only be within range of a nearby wireless coordinator (sold separately below).
  • Share your data with others or make it publicly available.
  • Click here to see example data from a publicly accessible monitor

  • Compare data from multiple monitors using charts and maps.*
  • Receive text and email notifications when levels move outside of your desired range.*
  • Connect to your data using the API.
  • Our CO2 stations are calibrated to a laboratory standard gas before shipment.


  • A Weblink 2.4 GHz Wireless Coordinator (sold separately) which connects to an existing internet connection. Up to 20 monitors can share the same coordinator.
  • Internet service to the Weblink 2.4 GHz Wireless Coordinator (using Ethernet)
  • An up-to-date data subscription fee ($7/month) for each monitor
  • Each monitor must be located within range of either a coordinator or another monitor. For installations in buildings with many walls, the maximum range between two units can be as low as 300 ft. The exact distance needed depends upon the building construction and contents. When a clear line of site between two monitors exists, the range of communication can be significantly longer. For example, if a coordinator was installed in the window on the 6th floor of one building and a monitor was installed in a similar fashion in another building, the monitors could be as far as 0.5 miles apart. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your application.
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